The Denver Broncos are a fascinating dichotomy of a football team, possessing what might well be the best defense in football but also squatting on an offense that could absolutely be a liability in 2017. Trevon Siemian beat out Paxton Lynch for the QB1 role in Denver, but it was hardly a fierce competition

Now the Broncos have added old friend and Super Bowl champion Brock Osweiler, snagging the lanky quarterback in free agency after the Browns released him. It might seem like an awkward addition, but defensive leader and DPOY candidate Von Miller said on the Pick Six podcast (subscribe on iTunes here!) that he's enthused about the addition of Osweiler and loves his "energy."

"Oh man it feels great, to have his energy back in the locker room. I've always been a huge fan of Brock Osweiler," Miller said. "I thought when he left, I thought it was unfortunate that he left, but when he went to Houston I thought he was going to put up numbers with DeAndre Hopkins and the guys there. It didn't happen, and he's back here with the Denver Broncos, but to have his energy in the locker room, it feels like 2015. We had a lot of success that year, we won a lot of games that year. So to have his energy back on the practice field, it feels great to have Brock Osweiler back."

Despite the surprisingly high praise for Osweiler, Von made it very clear that the Broncos are absolutely Siemian's team and that the whole franchise is behind him as the starting quarterback in Denver.

"This is Trev's team. He's worked hard for this team. He's improved, he's taken steps to improve on his game," Miller said. "This is Trev's team. Trev won the spot, he continues to go out there and make good decisions on the football field and he continues to look great on the football field. It's great to have Brock's energy back around but it's definitely Trev's team."

Osweiler mainly, then, serves as insurance in the event Siemian were to get hurt. Lynch is expected to miss several games, at least, with a sprain in his throwing shoulder. Remember, Siemian suffered an injury early in October of last year, was carted off and Lynch was pressed into action for Denver. Osweiler is absolutely in play this season and, despite Brock ditching John Elway in free agency and creating a stink in Denver, Brock got praise from his old boss who pointed out the former Broncos starter has won plenty of games for Denver.

The two have a very complicated relationship.

Anyway, hear Miller talk about all about Osweiler, his surprising goals for 2017, what he thought of the Texas A&M-UCLA game the other night and much more on podcast below. Don't forget to subscribe via iTunes and rate/review if you dig the show (you will dig it).

Miller, who was appearing on behalf of Old Spice, also talked about the new commercials he did for Old Spice's Invisible Spray body wash, which, in all honesty, are some of the more watchable commercials you can find on television. Watch one below and head to Old Spice's YouTube channel for more Von-fueled smellriffic weirdness.