The Washington Commanders needed a few weeks to correct the glaring error on the team's crest, which garnered a wide rage of controversy when it was revealed. The franchise announced on its social media account Tuesday that the crest has been changed "to reflect our Super Bowl victories using the year from that regular season."

When Washington revealed its crest earlier this month, the years signified the dates when Washington won its Super Bowls -- which is technically correct -- but that didn't line up with the NFL signifying the season that the franchise won its championships. The original crest included the years 1983, 1988, and 1992 as when the franchise won its titles -- though the franchise won those titles during the 1982, 1987, and 1991 seasons

Hence the slight change:

The Commanders initially attempted to explain why they used 1983, 1998, and 1992 on the crest prior to the change. 

"A unique brand element within the NFL, Washington's crest features core elements of the team's identity and the franchise's defining moments," the team stated in a press release. "The top left and bottom right quadrants note the year the club was founded in 1932, 90 years ago. The top right quadrant showcases the main logo mark, the 'W,' symbolizing the team's future, and the bottom left quadrant features three stars, representative of the stars on the D.C. flag and the team's position within the Nation's Capital. 

"Washington Football highlighted across the top of the crest pays homage to the many historic firsts and iconic legends associated with this Washington team throughout its nearly 90-year tenure in the DMV, and the years 1937, 1942, 1983, 1988 and 1992 written across the bottom commemorate the franchise's World Championships and Super Bowls. The crest is completed by a gold ring, which represents unity and encapsulates all elements of the brand identity."

Washington corrected its sight error after listening to fan reaction and criticism. Perhaps this is a sign of change going forward. 

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