The Washington Football Team underwent a significant change in leadership on Tuesday, announcing the promotion of Tanya Snyder as the team's co-CEO. Snyder, the wife of Washington owner Dan Snyder, has been the steward of the team's philanthropic activities since the Snyder's first took ownership of the team in 1999.

Tanya Snyder will help the Football Team find a new name and brand, which is expected to be announced in 2022. She joins Amy Trask (Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders) and Kim Pegula (Buffalo Bills) as one of the few female CEO's in NFL history. The move comes months after Dan Snyder bought out the team's minority owners and consolidated control of the organization in his hands.

"Tanya is one of the most important figures in this organization, and that has only become more true over the last 18 months as her involvement has deepened," said Washington owner and co-CEO Dan Snyder in a press release. "Publicly, many know Tanya for her incredible and impactful work in breast cancer awareness and her leadership of our charitable foundation. But behind the scenes, she has had a profound impact on the direction of the Washington Football Team. She was instrumental in our decision to evolve the brand and modernize our fan experience – including the entertainment team."

A breast cancer survivor, Tanya Snyder introduced the NFL to the THINK-PINK campaign in 1999. She has led the Washington Football Charitable Foundation since 2000, which focuses on supporting education, children's health and wellness and preparing youth for their future. 

The Washington Football Team name will remain in 2021 as the franchise will choose a permanent name in 2022. The Snyders will lead the efforts to find a new moniker for the franchise. Washington accepted fan submissions on the new name and logo this offseason, with a new name to be selected as early as the start of this season. The team will still keep the colors of burgundy and gold, no matter what the new nickname may be. 

Washington reportedly narrowed its search to a handful of replacement names last year, and early favorites for the next nickname were Redtails, Redhawks, Americans, and Warriors. The Football Team name is also in consideration.