Washington GM Scot McCloughan isn't at the NFL combine, and it's weird

The entire NFL world has descended on Indianapolis this week for the 2017 version of the NFL Scouting Combine. Coaches, scouts, general managers, decision-makers -- everybody who’s anybody with an NFL team is there this week. Well, except for Scot McCloughan, who serves as Redskins general manager. He’s not there yet, and won’t be there at all.

According to the Washington Post, two organizational people familiar with the situation said McCloughan is “tending to a personal matter.” McCloughan himself later clarified that he’s not there because of a death in the family. As Deadspin notes, McCloughan’s 100-year old grandmother died in early February. It’s entirely possible he is still dealing with that. 

However, several reports paint a different picture of what might be going on, and given that McCloughan’s specialty is player evaluation and the draft, the reports are pretty notable. Radio host Chris Russell reported on CBS Sports Radio’s 106.7 The Fan that McCloughan has not been at the team facility since Feb. 20 and that he might be getting pushed out of the organization’s decision-making hierarchy. 

“McCloughan was sent home from Redskins Park on February 20th and told not to return until the Redskins called him back.

The source said “Bruce [Allen], Jay [Gruden], [Alex] Santos and Doug [Williams] [are] running Redskins.”

The source added “GM [Scot McCloughan] has nothing to do with anything and has not for very long time.”

Additionally, the Post reported that agents have said there is confusion about what is going on in Washington’s front office and that McCloughan was not in the office all last week. 

Multiple agents that represent the Redskins’ players have said they were told McCloughan wasn’t in the office last week, and there’s been some confusion with what’s going on in the front office. It’s been a dark cloud hovering over the franchise just a week before the start of the NFL’s free agent signing period, and it’s during a time when Washington has scheduled meetings with the agents of its pending free agents this week at the combine.

McCloughan denied reports that he is being pushed out, stating, “I’m taking care of my family, plain and simple.” Team president Bruce Allen was confronted with the reports as well and merely said, “I’m not getting into speculations” while noting that McCloughan will return to work, “just as soon as things are handled.”

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