Washington pol Joe Fitzgibbon isn't taking the Seahawks' loss very well

This NFL season we've had our fair share of domestic political voices, namely opportunists looking to chime in on the Redskins name.


And Rob Ford, who's not even a politician in the the ol' U.S. of A, yet routinely chimes in on the Redskins name.


There must be something about that United States-Canadian border.


From the 34th district in Washington state, we bring you this communication from representative Joe Fitzgibbon following the Seahawks' loss to the Cardinals Sunday. 


Tell us how you really feel, Tweetgunner Joe.

And with the state representative being a Democrat and all, it wouldn't be an ill-advised tweet without a little ribbing from his Republican chaps.


We await the response from the Phoenix political machinery. 

UPDATE: We're all just too serious it turns out. 

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