WATCH: A hippo, a giraffe, a bear and some puppies make their Super Bowl picks

"Never tell me the odds!" That was presumably Fiona the Hippo as she chewed on a head of lettuce on top of a box with the Eagles' logo. Fiona picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl over the favored New England Patriots on her Facebook Watch show "The Fiona Show." The 1-year-old hippo clearly has her favorite, although we'd like to ask her what she knows about the Eagles' game plan for Rob Gronkowski that we don't.

Other animals have also made their picks. April the Giraffe was all-in on the Patriots.

While Ozzy the Bear likes the underdogs.

Jimmy Fallon's puppy pickers are also going chalk, taking the Pats.

And, of course, there's Fiona herself.

Superstar Hippo makes Super Prediction

Superstar makes Super Prediction - See who Fiona picks to win the big game - does she go with the New England Patriots, the favorite to win, or the Philadelphia Eagles , one underdog rooting for another? Cincinnatians will get to see Fiona starring in a Super Bowl commercial this Sunday when it airs during the big game. The rest of the world (including Cincinnatians) can get a sneak peek tomorrow on The Fiona Show, episode 3.

Posted by The Fiona Show on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Will the Eagles rep the animal kingdom and take down those pesky Pats? We'll all find out on Sunday. 

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