WATCH: Andy Reid can't stop, won't stop dancing as the Chiefs roll

This might come as a surprise, but the Chiefs -- winners of seven straight -- are currently in the middle of a historic season.

They're just the second team (1970 Bengals) in NFL history to lose at least five games in a row and immediately follow up that losing streak with a winning streak of at least seven games, per The Chiefs' quarterback, Alex Smith, also made his own run at history, throwing 312 consecutive passes before getting picked off -- the second longest streak in NFL history. Now, the Chiefs are 8-5 and are positioned to claim a wild-card spot.

All of that has led to one very happy Andy Reid. Just how happy is Reid?

He's back to dancing.

The moment was brief, but we shouldn't take anything away from those moves. The snapshot below really says it all. 

Andy Reid showed off his dance moves after the Chiefs' latest win. (Twitter: @Chiefs)

This isn't the first time Reid has been spotted grooving in the locker room. Last year, Reid celebrated a win over the Dolphins with these snazzy moves.

And then there's always this, of course ...

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