WATCH: Bad Jay Cutler rears his ugly head, throws ball right into Luke Kuechly's hands

Every once in a while, Jay Cutler does something that is just so Jay Cutler. Monday night was one of those times. 

Late in the first half of the Dolphins' third straight national TV game, Cutler dropped back to pass. He quickly locked onto his top target on the play, tight end Julius Thomas. And he just stared at him, stared at him some more, and then threw the ball his way. 

One problem: Luke Kuechly was directly between Cutler and Thomas, right in Cutler's field of vision. Naturally, Kuechly intercepted the pass. It's what he does. 

You can especially see it on that second view, Cutler never looks away from Thomas, and Kuechly is in the passing lane the whole way. There's even another defender closing in from the left side. The throw just had no chance whatsoever. 

Of course, the Panthers were set up with great field position inside the final minute of the half, and they capitalized with a touchdown toss to Ed Dickson to extent the lead. 

This was a pretty good play design as well, as the threat of Christian McCaffrey opened up the throwing window for Cam and Dickson. 

Even without Greg Olsen, Cam still managed to find his tight end for a touchdown. The Panthers will take it.

Follow along on all the action from Monday night in our Dolphins-Panthers GameTracker.

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