WATCH: Bill Belichick tries to play it cool after whiffing on Eric Decker handshake

There is a long history of people involved with the Patriots being unable to successfully pull off handshakes and high fives. Add another one to the pantheon, as Bill Belichick and Eric Decker whiffed on a postgame handshake after the Patriots dismantled the Titans, 35-14, in a Divisional Round win at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night.

Belichick, sans hoodie, wandered into the postgame maw to shake with the other team, when he ran into Decker. There was an awkward arm pat that led to a casual attempt at a handshake from Belichick, who got left hanging, so he quickly bailed and decided to act like he never put his hand out there. 

Except Decker came back for some love and Belichick was long gone. It's like it was a script written for @Things4WhitePpl.

If we're in the business of ranking awkward handshakes/high fives/goofy greetings, it's safe to say this is not the top option. It's good, it's awkward, but these sort of things happen when one man is in a helmet, the other is not and both guys are moving in opposite directions.

Belichick-Decker doesn't top the epic Robert Kraft-Mark Wahlberg luxury box high five whiff.

And it's not better than Julian Edelman leaving Tom Brady hanging on a high five on the sideline after a touchdown back in 2013.


That miss was so good it led to an ever better connection between Brady and LeGarrette Blount, with the quarterback freeze-framing for style as the running back came over looking for some love after a touchdown.


The Patriots are about to play in their seventh consecutive AFC Championship game -- and Brady/Belichick will be in their 12th (!) as quarterback and coach. You'd think they would have this whole celebrating thing down by now. 

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