WATCH: Cam Newton slaps Gatorade out of unsuspecting fan's hands

Cam Newton says slap.
Cam Newton says slap. (USATSI)

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Earlier we pointed you to a new ad featuring Peyton Manning refusing to give a girl Gatorade. Sweat it to get it, burn it to earn it, etc. Gatorade paired that ad with another one that dropped on Monday. And this one, featuring Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, is even better.

In this particular ad, some dude on a cell phone saunters into a convenience store to pick up a Gatorade.

Once again he gets denied by the clerk and once again there's a little NFL version of deux ex machina (only in reverse) with Cam flying into the store.Cell phone guy, previously irate about not getting the drinks he wants, is suddenly PUMPED to see Cam.

Until Newton drops the hammer.

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