Watch Now: Eagles beat Giants on last-second 61-yard field goal, 27-24 (1:24)

On the list of improbable ways to win a football game, a rookie placekicker drilling a 61-yard field goal as time expires is probably near the top. In fact, it's so improbable that it may have cost Carson Wentz his game check this past weekend.

Before Eagles' rookie kicker Jake Elliott fired his 61-yard prayer through the uprights to beat the Giants on Sunday, the Philadelphia quarterback stood anxiously on the sideline trying to will some heroics to life. 

"This guy is a superhero if he makes this," said a mic'd up Wentz in reference to Elliot. "I'll friggin' give him my paycheck. I'll give him my game check." 

Just a few moments later, Wentz was celebrating on the field alongside Elliot, who the quarterback affectionately referred to as "you son of a gun." (Apparently, the Eagles quarterback has a cleaner mouth than the President.) 

If Wentz puts his money where his mouth is, he'll be putting nearly $32,000 into the pocket of his team's kicker thanks to the heroics. Frankly, he pretty much has no choice since the promise was captured on video and he's entrusted to lead this Eagles team. A real leader follows through on his word. 

For Elliot, who's making $465,000 this year, that certainly wouldn't be an insignificant gesture from the young quarterback.