For a second straight week, Chargers punt returner Travis Benjamin reached the end zone. Last week, he scored six points for the Chargers via a 65-yard touchdown return. This week, he scored two points for the Chargers' opponent by running eight or so yards in the wrong direction.

Against the Patriots on Sunday, Benjamin pulled off what might just be the worst punt return in NFL history. After touching the punt at his own 11-yard line and scooping up the ball at the 8-yard line, Benjamin decided to run backwards to create some separation. It didn't work. He ended up getting tackled in his own end zone for a Patriots safety.

As a result, the Patriots took a 9-7 lead over the Chargers in the second quarter. 

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That's not great. After the safety, the Patriots kicked a field goal, extending their lead over the Chargers. It's worth noting that the Chargers began the game by trying to kick a 51-yard field goal instead of going for a fourth-and-1. 

The Chargers probably aren't good enough to overcome coaching and special teams blunders against a team like the Patriots. But hey, at least they're providing some historically entertaining highlights in the process.