WATCH: Chinese football league shows the NFL why it needs to let players celebrate

The NFL has caught a lot of flak for cracking down on touchdown celebrations in recent years. It seems to have gotten even more strict and confusing in 2016, as players have been fined for "celebrations" that other players have gotten away with for years.

It makes us think back to the glory days of Terrell Owens' popcorn and Joe Horn's cell phone, and wonder what touchdown celebrations could look like if the NFL just let players do whatever they wanted.

Well we don't have to wonder anymore -- all we have to do is watch the China Arena Football League.

Founded in 2012 but currently in its inaugural season, the league apparently has no restrictions on touchdown celebrations and the players take FULL advantage.

To recap, we just saw the following touchdown celebrations in about a minute and a half:

  • A player fencing and slaying his teammate with the football
  • A player bowing to his opponent as if to say "nice try, grasshopper"
  • A player elbow-dropping the football and then pinning it while his teammate counts to three
  • A player scoring a touchdown then running all the way to midfield to perform breakdance/Three Stooges moves on the logo

And that's all from one game! Can you imagine what kind of shenanigans take place across the league on a weekly basis?

The CAFL is officially your new favorite sports league.

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