WATCH: Christian McCaffrey jukes Luke Kuechly with Reggie Bush-esque moves

The start of training camp means meaningful football is almost back, but it also means plenty of bad news is on the way. Take what happened on Wednesday, when a plethora of players went down with injuries -- from Will Fuller's broken collarbone to Sterling Shepard's ankle injury to Forrest Lamp's apparent leg injury. Those are the bad types of training camp updates.

Let's forget about the injuries for a moment and celebrate the return of football with some actual football. This is the good kind of training camp update.

On Wednesday, Panthers rookie running back (and all-around weapon) Christian McCaffrey met star linebacker Luke Kuechly on the field. There, he proceeded to hit Kuechly with some Reggie Bush-esque moves (USC-era Bush, of course). 

Take a look:

The Panthers drafted McCaffrey in the first round because he was one of the game's most electric playmakers at Stanford, where he averaged 2,288.5 yards from scrimmage in the final two years of his college career. Based on the video footage above, his skills appear to be translating just fine to the NFL game. 

As for Kuechly, there's really not much a middle linebacker can do in space against a shifty player like McCaffrey. In all honesty, he hung with the speedster just fine considering the mismatch. Really, that's the reason why McCaffrey should thrive in the NFL. The Panthers won't just line him up behind Cam Newton -- they'll also shift him into the slot where he can use his agility against slower linebackers in coverage. 

Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit longer to see McCaffrey shake free of defenders in an actual game. The Panthers kick off their preseason on Aug. 9 against the Texans.  

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