Christian McCaffrey has demonstrated that he's the premier receiving back in the NFL. Last season, the Panthers player broke the record for most receptions by a running back in a season with 116. Even more impressive is that the record he broke was one he set just one year earlier at 107.

But it seems that McCaffrey is trying to get even better at a skill he clearly excels at. In a video posted on Friday, the running back was seen doing what the best players do in their free time: working on drills to improve different skillsets. McCaffrey took this idea a step further when he demonstrated that he could easily catch an underthrown ball behind his back while still completing his route.

McCaffrey has been an absolute workhorse for the Panthers since he was drafted in 2017. After back to back seasons of 1,086 and 1,965 yards from scrimmage, the Carolina running back led the NFL in that statistical category with 2,392 yards. To put that in perspective, it's the third-highest total from a player in a single season all-time, with only Marshall Faulk (2,429 yards) and Chris Johnson (2,509 yards) ahead of him -- also worth noting that Johnson had to break the 2,000-yard mark in rushing yards to get to his total.

Of course, as the tweet notes, this is McCaffrey just showing off. He'll definitely be more useful for his team when asked to do traditional jobs -- rushing, receiving, breaking the ankles of every defender in his path, etc. -- but it's not like this won't be a useful tool to have during a season.