How badly did things go for the Colts on Sunday? Let us count the ways: Scott Tolzien threw a pair of pick-sixes and got benched for Jacoby Brissett (who was on the Patriots a week ago), Adam Vinatieri missed an extra point wide right, Indy gave up a forty burger to the Los Angeles Rams and the Colts couldn't even get credit for their own touchdowns.

It was bad, man. So bad, in fact, that in the postgame press conference, Chuck Pagano didn't even know what team beat him. Speaking to the media, Pagano thought that he had just been walloped by the 49ers in the Week 1 matchup. 

Not the same city, not the same team. At least it was the same division?

It wasn't the only mistake Pagano made on Sunday: he failed to challenge an obvious Marlon Mack touchdown catch while trying to rush to the line and run a play. The Colts would miss on three goal-to-go plays from the 2-yard line and settle for a field goal. 

It wouldn't have mattered. And it probably didn't matter who they were playing either, if we're being honest. That Colts team is a legitimate contender to finish with the worst record in football if Andrew Luck doesn't come back soon, and the argument for keeping Andrew Luck on the sideline might be the Colts' ability to finish with the worst record in football. 

Indy isn't going to win many games this year, and they would have lost on Sunday whether it was the Rams, the 49ers or maybe even Alabama out there.