When NFL Draft season rolls around, we start to see lots of phrases getting thrown around to describe prospects. Like in any sport, some of those phrases become cliches. 

And someone finally got sick of them -- Tony Zarrella, the sports director for Cleveland 19 News, is tired of everyone overusing phrases to describe draft picks. So he took to the local airwaves and set all the silly scouting phrases on fire.

The result is more than two minutes of high comedy, a full-blown deconstruction of things that anyone who has talked about college football players over the last month has probably used. 

“You’re going to hear a lot of familiar terms to describe players that mean absolutely nothing,” Zarrella begins. “They’re stupid cliches. And even worse, in some cases, racially insensitive, and just plain wrong.”

He then launches into a laundry list of typical things you hear from NFL analysts around this time of year.

“‘Good at the point of contact’ -- kind of an important place to be good in the game of football,” Zarrella says.

“At running back you want a ‘downhill runner’ ... are there any uphill runner?” Zarrella asks.

Watch for yourself:

Easily the best? The beginning one, where he points out that the Browns don’t have great luck in drafting quarterbacks.

“There’s no ‘franchise quarterback’ in this draft -- there never is when the Browns pick,” Zarrella says. “So at 12, they’ll want a ‘safe pick.’ That’s ‘a guy we’ve heard of.’”