WATCH: Cowboys get $1 million donation from famous caller during team telethon

The Cowboys decision to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts by holding a telethon paid off in a big way on Thursday

According to the team, the Cowboys raised more than $2 million during their 90-minute telethon, which was held at AT&T Stadium.  

After the NFL decided to cancel the Cowboys-Texans preseason game that was previously scheduled to be held at the stadium on Thursday, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett decided to hold a practice at the stadium that would also double as a telethon. 

During the 90-minute event, dozens of Cowboys players -- including Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant -- took phone calls from people around the country who were looking to pledge their money to hurricane relief for Houston. 

Near the end of the 90-minute session, Bryant received a phone call from someone who was looking to donate $1 million. 

The big donation came from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 

"How many million dollar contributions have you had tonight?" Jones asked on the phone call. 

"I haven't had not one of those," Bryan replied. 

"Well, you got one now buddy," Jones said. 

After Jones pledged his $1 million donation, Bryant went into full telethon mode and alerted everyone that a huge donation had been made. 

"We got a million over here. We got a million from Mr. Jones," Bryant yelled. 

You can see the entire phone call below. 

The million dollar donation from Jones was one of several donations that came from the Cowboys organization. Earlier in the day, Jones and the Cowboys donated $500,000 worth of clothing to the relief effort. 

Bryant ($50,000) and Ezekiel Elliott ($21,000) also made sizable donations to the cause. All money from the Cowboys was donated to the Salvation Army for the charity's hurricane relief effort. 

Jones' Cowboys aren't the only NFL team that's made a major donation over the past week. Money has been pouring in from NFL teams across the country. The Texans, Lions, Ravens and Jets have donated to various relief funds. 

Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Falcons owner Arthur Blank have both pledge to match any donations -- up to $1 million -- that are made through their individual Red Cross websites

And then there's J.J. Watt. The Texans star defensive end started an online campaign this week that has now raised more than $12 million for Hurricane Harvey relief. Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk ($1 million) and the Packers ($100,000) are among the teams that have donated to Watt's cause. 

Watt's relief fund also also received donations from Ellen DeGeneres ($1 million), Miley Cyrus ($500,000) and Drake ($200,000). 

If you want to contribute to relief efforts yourself, click here to donate to Watt's Houston Flood Relief Fund, and here to donate to the Red Cross. To contribute to the same fund that Jones donated to, you can click here

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