Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo returned to AT&T Stadium as an announcer for the first time on Sunday. Romo is working as the analyst for the No. 1 team here at CBS Sports, and he and Jim Nantz are on the call for Sunday afternoon's Chiefs-Cowboys game. 

In a tribute to his long and excellent career in Dallas, the Cowboys adorned one of the end zones with a "WELCOME HOME 9" banner. That wasn't the only thing his old team did for the occasion, also playing a video commemorating Romo's long Dallas career shortly before the start of the game. 

The video was narrated by Romo's best friend on the team, tight end Jason Witten

"From Eastern Illinois to North Texas is a long way," Witten said in the opening, as Romo removed his headphones to watch a tribute video he later said he did not know was coming. "It was an unlikely journey that gave us a kid with a number that would become synonymous with America's Team: 9. And what followed was a journey that we all got to be a part of. "

Over highlights of some of Romo's more memorable plays Witten alluded to Romo's team record for most fourth quarter comebacks.

"No matter the score, with 9 under center, you always knew there was a chance," Witten said. "And 24 times, he proved that in the fourth quarter."

Before the crowd stood up to give Romo a long standing ovation, Witten said in closing, "Tony Romo taught us all what it mean to love a game -- the greatest game on earth. And for that we say, 'Thank you, 9.'"

Pretty cool way for the Cowboys to honor one of the best players in their history.