The Rams brought back professional football to Los Angeles for the first time in 22 years, and within 13 seconds the Cowboys ruined their debut.

Los Angeles kicked off to Dallas in the Coliseum, the first pro football play in L.A. in more than two decades, and Lucky Whitehead promptly shredded through the return team, carving his way for a 101-yard kickoff return touchdown.

The Cowboys are a fascinating case this year, playing with Dak Prescott as their primary backup quarterback thus far (Prescott started the preseason game for the Cowboys with Tony Romo sitting out Week 1). They have Dez Bryant and Romo and Ezekiel Elliott playing with an incredible offensive line. The offense should be great.

But the defense is a major question mark. If Whitehead and the rest of the special teams for the Cowboys can manage to put up some points and flip the field throughout the season, it would go a long way towards improving their chances at returning to the playoffs.

For at least one night it served as a dagger to everyone getting excited about football being back in Los Angeles.