WATCH: Crazy Bills fan catches fire after jumping on flaming table

Bills fans have gone crazy. (Twitter)
Bills fans have gone crazy. (Twitter)

Bills fans have been trying to prove all season that they're the craziest fanbase in football. Before Christmas, we saw Santa Clause smashed through a table. Before that, we also saw a guy in American flag pants smashed through a table. And before that, we also had video of a guy getting body slammed through a table. This group of fans affectionately goes by the monikor of #BillsMafia.

Basically, these Bills fans like to smash tables and they like to get adventurous when they do it. And since it's the final week of the regular season, one fan in Buffalo tried to top everything else that every other Bills fan has done this season.

This fan set a table on fire and then jumped on it. 

The good news for the guy is that the other people around him managed to get the fire out. The bad news is that he's probably going to need new pants. 

This could also be a euphemism for what the Bills need to do on Sunday. Buffalo will need to catch fire if the Bills are going to beat the Jets

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