WATCH: Deshaun Watson is brought to tears reading letter from mom at the draft

There is an ample amount of manufactured drama involved with any production the NFL puts on, including plenty of drama with the draft. 

But sometimes, even if that drama is manufactured, it ends up becoming a cool moment. That was the case with new Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who was handed a letter from his mother after being selected in the top 15 by the Texans on Thursday night

He read the letter on camera and in the middle he broke down in tears.

Here's the text of the letter, with an interjection by me:

Deshaun, when you came into this world you brought a love to my heart that I never appreciated. I watched you play your first flag football game all the way to the last college game. To be here at the NFL Draft and watch you walk across the stage is a dream come true. I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud of the person and the man you became.

Making it to the NFL is an accomplishment that you may have to come true. That being said, so much joy to my heart. I wish you love and happiness and long-time success.

As I look back, we were not supposed to be here.


We were not supposed to be here. In the words of Drake, 'We made it.'

Watson, clearly affected, was asked what he would say to his mother.

"Love you mama," the Clemson star said. "We made it."

The Texans are going to be a fascinating team to watch in 2017. They traded for Watson, who is a polarizing prospect because people are unsure if he can make the leap from college to the NFL, but who is a national champion at the college level after shredding through a Nick Saban-run defense. 

Betting against Watson seems like a really dumb idea, given what he's done in his career and in his life. The Texans have a loaded defense that was one of the best units in the NFL last year without J.J. Watt, who will be coming back. 

They have DeAndre Hopkins at wideout (Clemson guy!) and speedster Will Fuller for the deep ball. They've got Lamar Miller in the backfield. 

Watson and his mother's emotional moment make it clear people haven't always believed in him. If it happens again, people might regret betting against the young man. His mother will certainly be taking note.

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