WATCH: Eagles fans chant 'We want Brady!' over and over ahead of Super Bowl

For a team with five Super Bowl victories, the Patriots get way too much free motivation. Teams, players and fans go out of their way to put a chip on the Pats' collective shoulder for some silly reason.

And Eagles fans are no exception, having spent many minutes in the middle and wake of their cruise-control victory (38-7) over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game chanting "We want Brady!" 

No, really, this was a thing

Here are multiple shots of Eagles fans, in Lincoln Financial Field, during the NFC Championship Game, chanting it.

And then it happened some more after the game too.

Maybe the Eagles' fans post-victory behavior is just sort of a tension-relieving situation on Monday. The Eagles rolled the Vikings to advance to their first Super Bowl since the 2004 season and are 60 minutes away from their first Super Bowl title. They have to beat Tom Brady, of course, and that's no easy feat, as the Jaguars found out in a brutal 24-20 AFC Championship Game loss.

But you see all the stuff that went down after the game and maybe it's more about the Eagles just being nuts than anything else. There were creepy dog masks barking in the wake of the win and someone drove an ATV up the "Rocky steps." 

There's clearly some kind of issues with the Brady thing, though, because tackle Lane Johnson said he wants to "dethrone" the "pretty boy" Brady in the Super Bowl

It really just might behoove everyone to say things like "we respect him," "he's the greatest quarterback ever" and "no doubt they're favored, they're the Patriots." That seems a lot less likely to draw the ire of Bill Belichick and Brady than screaming about taking down the G.O.A.T.

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