Sarah Thomas has been an NFL official for almost two full seasons now, and we rarely mention her name here, which is a good thing in the world of officiating because that means she's doing her job.

The problem with being an NFL official is that even when you're doing your job, sometimes things can still get ugly. Just ask Thomas.

During the fourth quarter of Green Bay's 38-25 victory over Minnesota on Saturday, Thomas got trucked by Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. Then, making things worse, her head slammed down on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

That looks painful, and the crowd at Lambeau clearly felt the same way. After Thomas went down, there was a collective groan from the nearly 78,000 fans at the game.

The hit was so severe that Thomas had to leave the game for several plays. First, she was examined on the sideline.

This is what concussion protocol looks like for an official. Fox/NFL

Then, she was taken to the locker room.

Sarah Thomas made a quick stop in the locker room after taking a big hit in Green Bay. Fox/NFL

In the end, everything checked out OK with her health and she was allowed to return to the game.

Rudolph might have been the happiest person at Lambeau when Thomas returned to the field. After the game, the Vikings tight end tweeted about his collision.

Thomas became the NFL's first female official when the league decided to hire her before the 2015 season. Anyway, even if you include that hit, Thomas still had a better day than the Vikings, who got rocked for four quarters in Green Bay.