If you thought things couldn't get worse for the Lions following their stomach-churning loss in Detroit on Sunday, well, you obviously didn't catch a glimpse of the food near the locker rooms at Ford Field after the final whistle.

As players headed back to their locker rooms, the smell of something burning caught the attention of a security guard in the tunnel, who alerted a worker. That worker opened up the door to the food container and....surprise! It might as well have been an incinerator.

It's worth pointing out that the woman didn't seem overly concerned about the state of the food. Call it composure, call it indifference, but if she broke a sweat it was only because of the raging flames. At one point, she tried to blow on it like it was a dusty N64 cartridge and not a full-fledged fire. Shockingly, it did not work.

Needless to say, not a great day at Ford Field for the Lions. 

We can probably assume this issue was dealt with and burning snacks were eventually extinguished, and we can probably also assume that Lions players were forced to go home both sad AND hungry.