WATCH: Howard joins surprisingly long list of players with two Brady picks in one game

Tom Brady does not throw very many interceptions. Sure, he'd thrown 156 picks in his career entering New England's Monday night showdown with the division rival Dolphins, but the man has been in the league since 2000. He's played 250 regular season games, including the Dolphins game. He'd thrown 8,662 passes entering Monday, meaning only 1.8 percent of them had been picked off. Among players that have thrown at least 500 passes in their career (basically one season worth), that 1.8 percent interception rate was the fifth-best of all time. 

Nevertheless, Brady was intercepted on Monday night. Not once, but twice. What made these interceptions even more special is that they were both made by the same player: Xavien Howard

"Wow," you might think to yourself. "Is Xavien Howard the first player ever to pick Tom Brady twice in one game?" 

It's a good question. Heading into Monday night, Brady had only been picked off twice or more in the same game 35 times. And that's two total interceptions in a game. There's obviously a pretty good chance that many of those interceptions were recorded by different players. 

Alas, Howard is not the first player to intercept Tom Brady twice in one game. In fact, he's the 10th player to do so, and the first since former Colts defensive back Mike Adams back in 2014. 

Xavien HowardMIA12/11/2017?2
Mike AdamsIND11/16/2014L 20-422
Charles TillmanCHI11/26/2006L 13-172
Cato JuneIND11/5/2006W 27-202
Greg WesleyKAN11/27/2005W 26-163
Sammy KnightMIA12/20/2004W 29-282
Takeo SpikesBUF9/7/2003W 31-02
Deon GrantCAR1/6/2002L 6-382
Deltha O'NealDEN10/28/2001W 31-202
Denard WalkerDEN10/28/2001W 31-202

Prior to Adams' two-pick game, nobody had intercepted Brady twice in the same game in nearly eight years. This time around, it took just over three years for someone to do it again. 

As you can see, the Patriots were 3-5 in the previous eight games where Brady was picked off twice by the same player (including in 2001 where Deltha O'Neal and Denard Walker of the Broncos did it in the same game). Will Brady manage to put another win in the ledger? You can follow all the action in our GameTracker

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