WATCH: Jadeveon Clowney joins Texans cheerleaders for yoga, needs lot more reps

Jadeveon Clowney, who is having a breakout season for the Houston Texans, is a very good football player. He's also a flexible one.

He can line up anywhere and wreak havoc for opposing offenses. Per Pro Football Focus tracking, Clowney has lined up for at least 50 plays at right defensive end, right defensive tackle, left defensive tackle, right outside linebacker, left outside linebacker, LEO (hybrid end/linebacker on the left side of the field) and REO (same thing on the right). See? Flexible.

Off the field ... Clowney is not quite as flexible.

That's some of the stiffest yoga you'll ever see. Let's take a look at Clowney's poses one by one.


It doesn't help that Clowney is completely out of sync with everyone else, but we should note that he doesn't have very good leg positioning here anyway. Let's see him once he gets the same pose as everyone else.


Much better, at least. But then...


Not great. I don't typically think we should tell athletes to "stick to ____," but maybe Clowney should just avoid yoga as a line of work. He's much better at football.

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