Stop me if you've heard this one before, but the Jacksonville Jaguars have not had the best season. It seems their struggles are rubbing off on their mascot as well. The team's mascot, Jaxon de Ville, got stuck while trying to bungee jump from the top of TIAA Bank Field on Sunday.

That's quite a lot to unpack, so let's break down what happened. The feline mascot was looking to hype up the crowd while the Jags hosted the Atlanta Falcons. Best way to hype up home fans? Obviously jump from the stop of the stadium. The mascot was meant to fall towards the field, but, like many things in the Jaguars organization, things did not go as planned.

The mascot did not fall far at all once it jumped, and instead was suspended above the stands before descending slowly. It was less than ideal. Take a look at what happened:

With the stunt not going as it usually does, staff had to help the cat down. One fan seemed to put opponent rivalries behind them and assist in the process.

It should come as no shock that Jacksonville did not win the game on Sunday, adding to their L column. They currently sit at 2-9, tied with the Houston Texans as the worst record in the AFC South. 

The Jaguars' next home game is Dec. 19 against the Texans. Hopefully Jaxon's performance is smoother then.