The playoffs finally arrived, courtesy of an epic Packers-Cowboys divisional-round game, a thrilling 34-31 Green Bay victory that ended on a walk-off field goal by Mason Crosby.

Crosby actually had to make two 51-yard field goals, as the first one he sunk was nullified by a timeout that Jason Garrett called to ice Crosby.

His veins weren't bothered, and he knuckled another kick in, a crazy one that looked like it was going left before bending back in for the winning field goal.

It appeared that overtime was a certainty and Crosby wouldn't even have a shot at getting a field goal look in the first place. After defensive back Jeff Heath came off the edge unblocked and lit into Aaron Rodgers, the Packers appeared to be in a situation where their only hope was a Hail Mary (which, with Rodgers, isn't that bad an option).

Then Rodgers did a thing that only Rodgers can do, whipping an absolute laser down the sideline to tight end Jared Cook that got the Packers within range for the final field goal.

Everything about the play was bananas, from the patented Rodgers roll out to him having to reset his feet and throw on the move, to the laser he sent down the sideline (it almost looked like a throwaway, to be honest), to the toe-tapping catch Cook made to stay in bounds.


Cook, who was signed by the Packers in free agency, had an excellent game up to that point, but dropped a couple balls late. He didn't drop that one, and the result was one of the best throw and catches you'll ever see, followed by a clutch field goal from Crosby -- and the Packers advancing to the NFC Championship Game against the Falcons.