WATCH: 'Jeopardy' trolls sad-sack Browns after contestants fail to answer football questions

The Browns are a terrible football team. This is not news to NFL fans, both ardent and casual. But the Browns have been so bad for so long -- including an 0-16 record in 2017 -- that they're being mocked in new and exciting places.

On Thursday's episode of "Jeopardy" all three contestants had their "Browns moment." Specifically: The category was "Talkin' Football" though virtually no talking was done. Of the five questions, not only did no one answer correctly, no one even bothered to buzz in to attempt an answer.

Here were the questions:

- "$200: Your choice: Do or don't name this play in which the QB runs the ball & can choose to pitch to another back."

- "$400: Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation with this team."

- "$600: By signaling for one of these, a returner can reel in a kick without fear of getting tackled."

-"$800: These 'penalties' are simultaneous violations by the offense & defense that cancel each other out."

- "$1,000: As Minneapolis' U.S. Bank Stadium prepares to host Super Bowl LII, I'm looking at the Ring of Honor with names from this defensive line that took the Vikings to four Super Bowls"

Alex Trebek, who Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently described as the G.O.A.T., didn't miss a beat after that last question.

"If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die," he said.

You can probably figure out what happened. And those 90 seconds of futility led to this tweet:

We like to think that Trebek runs the "Jeopardy" social media accounts too.

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