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Kids growing up in the Tri-State area surrounding New York City have little to no memory of when their football teams were among the envy of the NFL. But despite having not seen the glory days of Big Apple football with their own eyes, young New York fans demand success.

In the days following a demoralizing 25-6 Week 2 loss for the New York Jets -- one in which rookie quarterback Zach Wilson throw four interceptions -- to the Patriots, a 12-year old Jets fan broke down a play in the game in a TikTok video that quickly went viral.

The kid is blunt and savage in his assessment of all the things wrong during a play what ended in one of Wilson's interceptions. Take a look:

"If there's one play that sums up the New York Jets, this one has to be it," declares td.sports, who warns in the video's caption that he's "about to become a rams bandwagon fan."

The user first points out all the various issues with the Jets' protection:

  • A tackle has been beat off the edge
  • A guard is "probably holding"
  • There is a rusher coming unblocked up the middle
  • Another interior lineman is being pancaked by a Patriots defender
  • Tackle Morgan Moses is "touching his own lineman"
  • And lastly, two Jets offensive players on the right side are seemingly in discord over what's going on

"We have these idiots staring at each other like 'Yo, what are we doing? I don't know, let's just stand here,'" the kid mockingly says.

Then, he focuses on how the Jets' receivers have no separation from Patriots defensive backs, with the cherry on top being how Wilson throws the ball anyway and is intercepted -- with wide receiver Corey Davis having "no hops" as he barely leaves the ground trying to jump up and make a play on the ball.

While new Jets head coach Robert Saleh was introduced to try and turn the Jets around, Sunday showed that there is still a very long way to go before Gang Green can claim to play anything resembling the sort of winning football that their youngest fans can hardly remember.

This TikTok user and other 12 year olds were a year old the last time the Jets were a playoff team in 2010, and were only six years old the last time they had a winning record in 2015.