WATCH: Jim Harbaugh's wife warns of the dangers of 'Dad Pants'

Sarah Harbaugh talks about the scourge that is Dad Pants. (YouTube)
Sarah Harbaugh talks about the scourge that is Dad Pants. (YouTube)

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Back in January, Jim Harbaugh's wife, Sarah, admitted that her husband wore $8 khakis from Walmart. It became something of a running joke because Harbaugh's an NFL head coach, his current salary pays him about $5 million annually, and there's no conceivable reason for him (or anybody, really) to wear pleated, ill-fitting pants.

To remedy this, Sarah has issued a Dockers-sponsored public service announcement against "Dad pants." Okay, it's a commercial, but it's funny and, more importantly, addresses an issue that plagues most of suburbia.

"Dad pants: The shapeless, pleated tragedy that too many men find themselves in everyday," Sarah laments. "I was there. My handsome, vibrant, successful football coach of a husband suddenly looked like he hung the curtains from his belt. Thankfully, Dockers has discovered the antidote for dad pants."

No word on if Dockers has come up with a plan to help the 49ers beat the Seahawks.

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