WATCH: John Harbaugh tries a chest-bump with nobody around

Funny, on the NFL highlight shows, when they feature a chest-bumping celebration, the calibration of the two participants usually is spot on. Both men leap at the same time until they reach their apex. Then, their chests collide before they fall back to the turf as gods that are returning to earth ever so briefly.

Usually, you don’t get to see the mistimed jump, when one man’s knees bounce off another man’s abdomen. And you NEVER see one man jumping without the other knowing that a chest bump has been telepathically requested.

Until, that is, Ravens coach John Harbaugh attempted to go skyward with safety James Ihedigbo after the latter intercepted a pass last week. Instead of looking like bad-ass, Harbaugh looked like a man who was solo-jumping just for the pleasure of it.

Take a look:

Give credit to Harbaugh for taking the diss like a man. He showed his team the highlight during a film session earlier this week.

“I think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my entire life,” receiver Torrey Smith said, via the Baltimore Sun. “It was terrible, man. He just looked so unathletic.”

For his part, Ihedigbo said he felt bad about leaving his coach out to dry.

Oh, and Harbaugh’s cheerleading was all for naught. The interception was later overturned.

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