WATCH: Jon Stewart weighs in on Redskins trademark case

Jon Stewart has some thoughts on the Redskins name controversy. (Comedy Central)
Jon Stewart has some thoughts on the Redskins name controversy. (Comedy Central)

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On Wednesday, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration because it considers the team's name "disparaging to Native Americans." The Redskins, in turn, issued a statement saying that the "ruling will have no effect at all on the team's ownership of and right to use the Redskins name and logo."

By Thursday, Jon Stewart had weighed in on the matter: "Sometimes a legal ruling comes down that makes everyone say, 'What? We're just getting around to that now?' Like when Mississippi finally ratified the 13th amendment banning slavery last year. ..."

"Oh, tradition," Stewart said. "So your argument in keeping your name is: 'You can't just come in here and take over our ancestral property'? I guess what you're saying is, 'We had it first.'

Stewart continued: "It would be like this: If a group of people taught you how to survive a harsh winter, and then you invited that group of people to a feast to show your gratitude for helping you to survive. And then, after dessert, let's say, you killed them and took their land. And then, year's later, to commemorate that day, you held an annual feast that included a sporting event in which one of the participating team's name was a derogatory term for the original people that you had killed."

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