WATCH: Jordan Gross photobombs Cam Newton press conference

Cam Newton appears unfazed by teammate Jordan Gross' photobombing efforts. (
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton met with the media Wednesday and he talked about the things you'd expect this time of year: getting better, working hard, becoming a better leader, etc.

But unlike your typical offseason news conference, Newton's teammate, tackle Jordan Gross provided some impromptu comic relief (via Doug Powell by way of Cat Scratch Reader):

Newton might appear unfazed, but Gross' photobombing escapades caused the quarterback to lose his train of thought.

Question: Michael Vick said the other day that he was still the fastest quarterback in the league … (Gross enters, the media laughs, Gross exits, the questioner continues) Where would you rank if there was such a race?

Newton: (pauses momentarily) What was the question?

(More media laughs, Newton joins in.)

Then, after getting the gist of it, Newton offered this: "I'm taking my name off that ballot. I think it's between RG3, Colin (Kaepernick) and Michael Vick. I don't want to be the fastest quarterback, I just want to be guy that can't be caught in the open field. Because if you get caught in the open field that means your'e not doing something right. ...

"(Vick) still has his jets," Newton continued. "Me knowing Michael, he's an unbelievable character, he's an unbelievable athlete, he's an unbelievable person. He was probably just talking as a joke but he really is fast. And I know that and I won't challenge him on it."

No one asked, but we're guessing Newton would admit to being faster than Gross.

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