If the AFC decides to attempt a 75-yard field goal during Sunday's Pro Bowl, don't laugh, because Justin Tucker might actually make it.

During a Pro Bowl practice session Wednesday, the Ravens kicker proved he can do it when he nailed a kick from 75 yards out.

Just for reference, that means he kicked the ball from his own 35-yard line.

You can see the kick below.

From 75 in sunny Orlando! Shoutout to #RavensFlock!!

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(Before you judge him for not using a snapper and a holder, keep in mind that he has hit a 69-yarder with a snap and a hold.)

If a 75-yard field goal is ever going to happen in a game, the Pro Bowl seems like the perfect place to do it. The most difficult part of hitting a 75-yard field goal in the Pro Bowl probably wouldn't be the kick itself, it would be talking Andy Reid into attempting the kick.

The crazy thing about Tucker is that he says he can actually hit it from farther than 75 yards. In August, the Ravens kicker said he could make an 84-yard field goal if the conditions were perfect.

Let's hope the conditions are perfect Sunday in Orlando, Florida, because who wouldn't want to see Tucker try an 84-yarder? The only downside for Tucker is that if he makes it, it wouldn't break Matt Prater's NFL record of 64 yards, because kicks in the Pro Bowl don't count toward NFL records.

Tucker is one of only 14 kickers in NFL history to hit a field of 60 yards or more in a game. He nailed a 61-yarder against Detroit in December 2013.

Tucker earned a nod to this season's Pro Bowl after hitting 38 of 39 field goal attempts on the season (his only miss was a blocked kick).