WATCH: Justin Tucker's 'Ave Maria' wins first Most Valuable Performer on CBS

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has been named the first-ever NFL MVP. No, not Most Valuable Player. Most Valuable Performer. 

Live on CBS on Thursday evening, Tucker competed in a talent competition against his teammates Brandon Williams and Alex Collins, Denver Broncos defensive tackle Domata Peko, Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart, and Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler. After showing off their best off-field talents, Tucker, Stewart, and Zeitler were selected as finalists by a three-judge panel (wide receiver Brandon Marshall, "Scorpion" star Katharine McPhee, and "Superior Donuts" star Maz Jobrani). Tucker then won a fan vote on to be crowned the winner. 

Because he won the competition, $50,000 will be donated to the charity of his choice: the Baltimore School of the Arts. 

Tucker won over the judges and the crowd with a rousing, emotional rendition of Luciano Pavorotti's "Ave Maria." He has a seriously legit voice and seems like he might have a career in opera whenever he's done being the most accurate kicker in NFL history. Check it out: 

Stewart made the finals with his piano skills (which we've actually seen before). He elected to play Adele's "Hello," and did quite a nice job of it. 

Zeitler performed a series of tricks with his rescue dog, Amber. Zeitler and his wife rescued the dog after she dropped a football at his feet when they were visiting her. During the show, Zeitler threw multiple touchdown passes to Amber, and then gave her a treat at the end of her performance. Of course, that prompted Marshall to quip that he never received treats for catching any of his passes. 

Non-finalist Alex Collins once again showed off his passion for Irish dancing, which he has previous credited with aiding his success on the field. Teammate Brandon Williams kicked off the show by singing Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like," for which he received praise from McPhee, who noted that she began her versatile career competing on a singing show. Peko showed off his pipes by crooning Bob Marley's "Waiting In Vain," a song that he apparently used to woo his wife, who was right next to him during the performance. 

In the end, nobody was quite as impressive as Tucker, even if a great deal of fun was clearly had by all involved. 

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