WATCH: Kenyan Drake rumbles 66 yards for Dolphins' first rush TD of the season

For nine-plus weeks, the Miami Dolphins did not have a score on the ground. Not from former starting running back Jay Ajayi. Not from Jay Cutler. Not from Jarvis Landry. Not from any of Ajayi's backups. Nobody. 

They were the only team in the NFL without a rushing touchdown heading into Monday night. When the second half got underway, that was still true. And then Kenyan Drake broke through the line of scrimmage. 

It's pretty hilarious that the Dolphins' first rushing touchdown of 2017 came on a 66-yard run by a guy that started the season as the ostensible No. 3 running back, but that's just the kind of weird season it's been for the team. 

The Dolphins being the Dolphins, the good times did not last too long. They promptly gave up a 69-yard run to Cam Newton, who followed that up by finding Christian McCaffrey for his second score of the game. 

The Panthers are delivering the Dolphins a good, old-fashioned beatdown on Monday night, folks. This game is not close. 

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