WATCH: Kirk Cousins, Antonio Brown smash another world record

For two players who might not ever play for the same team, Kirk Cousins and Antonio Brown sure seem to be productive together on the football field. Earlier this month, we saw the Redskins quarterback and Steelers wide receiver team up to set the world record for the most one-handed catches in a minute. Now, another video has emerged.

This time, the duo set the Guinness world record for the most behind-the-back catches in a minute with 27 completions.

"I always wondered when I was born if I would do something special, and today I think I have," Cousins joked.

Brown quickly added, "You like that," because somebody had to use Cousins' catch-phrase.

In other news, the duo is one video away from Steelers nation leveling tampering charges at the Redskins. Browns' contract does expire after the 2017 season and, by then, Cousins could be rising up the quarterback ranks while Big Ben continues to age ...

Just saying.

Antonio Brown caught 27 of these passes in a minute. (Twitter: NFL)
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