WATCH: Lawrence Taylor calls NYC world's biggest 'candy shop'

On Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. ET, Showtime brings you a documentary on the life and Hall of Famer career of Lawrence Taylor. In the preview above media members, former players, friends and LT talk about what it was like to play -- and party -- in New York City in the 1980s.

"I remember my first year [with the Giants], we were on the practice field and we could see the New York skyline. And Lawrence looked at me and says, 'Homeboy, you see that over there? The call it the Big Apple for a reason, because it's shiny on the outside and gotta lot of worms on the inside so be careful when you go over there.'" - Former Giants teammate Carl Banks

"He didn't come to the Giants to become a Sunday School teacher. He wanted to enjoy New York" - Former Giants teammate Harry Carson

"Athletes were put on a pedestal back then, more so than they are today. And Lawrence just ate everything up." - New York Post columnist Steve Serby

"I've seen a lot of guys -- both veterans and rookies -- [try to shut down] New York City and none of them were ever successful. I gotta say: Lawrence came closest." - Former Giants teammate George Martin

"New York will always be New York. It's the biggest candy shop in the world. And I understand why so many people want to come here. It's a great place to visit -- I couldn't live in the city -- but it's not a bad place to hang out." - Lawrence Taylor

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