WATCH: Marshawn Lynch drives a tank, yells at a scientist in trailer for his new show

Marshawn Lynch is one of those rare athletes that manages to be just as entertaining off the field as he is on it, so it's no wonder that he continues to find opportunities in front of a camera beyond NFL Sundays.

The Oakland Raiders running back will star in a new web series from Bleacher Report titled "No Script" in which he welcomes a variety of guests to the show. There appears to be plenty of hijinks in store but, as suggested by the name, no run-of-the-mill scripted material. It looks promising. 

"Not on the J's, Scientist!" is already a first-ballot Hall of Fame line, so the trailer is really setting the bar high. 

When Lynch announced that he was ending his retirement to make a return to the NFL this season, it felt a little a bittersweet that we might be losing Lynch The Entertainer in favor of Lynch The Athlete. Alas, it appears we'll all get to have our cake and eat it too. 

"No Script" will air every Thursday on Facebook.

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