If you ever wanted to watch Beast Mode take on an actual bus in a head-to-head collision, your wish nearly came true Tuesday morning when video footage emerged of Marshawn Lynch biking throughout the streets of Scotland.

I'm just going to gloss over the strange part about Lynch biking in Scotland and skip right ahead to the important part: Lynch did not hit the bus -- he swerved out of its path at the last second. As far as I know, he's alive. So is the bus.

But it was a close call:

Now that we've established that Beast Mode is fine, let's enjoy this close up shot of his bike, which includes a Skittles bag on the handlebars (maybe this is all for a Skittles commercial?).

And yes, that is Lynch asking, "You're just going to keep recording?"

Lynch, the former Bills and Seahawks running back who announced he was retiring with a tweet during last season's Super Bowl, has kept busy in his free time by avoiding collisions instead of "(running) through somebody's face."

In November, he nearly ran over the band before a Cal game.

Marshawn forever.