WATCH: Marvin Jones makes jaw-dropping catch on Matthew Stafford 58-yard bomb

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has one of the strongest arms in the NFL and he showed us all just how strong it is against the Bears on Saturday. 

With the Lions facing a third-and-18 from their own 30-yard line, it looked like they were going to have to punt after the Bears put some serious pressure on Stafford. However, instead of a punt, the Lions ended up getting a 58-yard gain after Stafford threw a bomb to Marvin Jones, who came down with one of the best catches of the season. 

Let's go ahead and chalk that up as the most successful scramble drill of the year. 

There are two things that really made this play impressive. First, not only did Stafford launch a football 58 yards in the air, but it went directly to its intended target. After that, you had Marvin Jones make a circus catch by out-jumping Bears safety Eddie Jackson

At one point, both players had their hands on the ball, so Jones had to wrestle it away from Jackson. 

Marvin Jones made a wild catch over Eddie Jackson.  NFL Network

The cheerleaders clearly knew Jones was coming down with that, just look at their smiles. 

Jones' 58-yard catch led to a Lions touchdown three plays later when Stafford hit T.J. Jones with a three-yard touchdown pass. 

That TD led to one of the best holiday end zone celebrations of the season: A Rockettes dance. 

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