On Friday, new Bears quarterback Mike Glennon got the chance to make a positive first impression with Chicago when he was invited to throw out the first pitch before the Cubs game and sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh-inning stretch. 

It didn't go perfectly and it didn't go terribly, which just about sums up the Bears' quarterback play for the past eight years with Jay Cutler.

The bad part was the first pitch, which sailed way high -- so high that the 6-foot-3 Justin Grimm was forced to stand upright to catch it. As The Athletic joked, "It's almost like he could've used Alshon Jeffery."

(See a better angle here, via MLB.com)

OK, maybe that's not a joke. By normal standards, that's a decent first pitch. By NFL quarterback standards, that's a pretty underwhelming pitch. After all, Glennon is getting paid $14.5 million per year to throw balls. 

But he was given the chance to redeem himself. During the seventh-inning stretch, Glennon was called upon to lead the crowd in singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." You can watch him do that here if you're into mediocre singing performances.

Before you rush to judge Glennon's performance, which I'd say was fine, I'd like to point out that Glennon performed light-years better than Cutler, who gave Wrigley a rendition in 2012 that became an instant classic in an "it's so bad that it's actually so good" kind of way. You can watch Cutler do that here. 

Though Glennon is expected take over for Cutler, the franchise's all-time leading passer, the Bears could still decide to take a quarterback in this month's draft. So, Glennon might not have long to leave a lasting impression on Chicago.