The Bears were willing to try just about anything and everything to score points against the Vikings on Monday night, before ultimately falling short 20-17 in an ugly game that featured minimal offense. That included a fake punt for a touchdown pass from punter Pat O'Donnell. And it also featured the wildest two-point conversion play I've ever seen that followed Mitchell Trubisky's first-ever touchdown pass. 

The pass itself was not ... great. Trubisky looks like he clearly can play at the NFL level. But it's better to be lucky than good, and Trubisky got lucky on his first career touchdown pass courtesy of a deflection that was caught by Zach Miller.

The Bears needed two points to tie things up so they busted out just about the wildest trick play you will ever see on a two-point conversion that ended up with multiple pitches and Trubisky ultimately running into the end zone with the ball.

YES THAT HAPPENED. We don't know what it was exactly, but it featured a handoff from Trubisky to Jordan Howard on what appeared to be a standard draw play. 

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Howard then handed off to tight end Zach Miller, who was running a reverse jet sweep of sorts across the middle.

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As you may notice, Trubisky looks like he's selling the draw as a possible read-option play by running right, but he's actually setting up to catch a pitch from Miller on a lateral.

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One perfect lateral later, Trubisky is holding the ball and sauntering into the end zone. 

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That's the type of play you only bust out when you have to have two points (or three yards or whatever). And you could argue this was the spot the Bears needed it most: their rookie quarterback just threw his first-ever touchdown pass on Monday night in prime time, they needed the two to tie things up. If you were ever going to pump up your crowd and your team, this was the spot. 

Ultimately it didn't matter, but credit to Chicago for pulling off the highlight of the evening.