WATCH: Mother Nature unleashes eye-popping lightning on Panthers stadium

Summer in the South features lots of glorious late-afternoon storms (less glorious: the humidity before and the sweating that comes with it). North Carolina's been pelted with lots of storms this summer, with may of them containing high-powered lightning.

Monday night was a great example, with a massive lightning storm sweeping through Charlotte and the southeast part of North Carolina. Lots of folks in the surrounding area lost power (shoutout to my brother-in-law/Uncle Jay for buying a generator and using it to charge his iPhone with it) but in downtown Charlotte there was some WILD action.

Specifically, a bunch of lightning that appeared to strike in the middle of the Carolina Panthers' Bank of America Stadium. The bolts were captured by Brad Panovich (aka, "WX Brad"), a talented modern meteorologist for WCNC in Charlotte on a video overlooking the city.

You can't see it, but Cam Newton is standing in the middle of the field tearing his shirt and soaking in the energy, preparing for another run at the MVP. Or at least Panthers fans can dream.

Boom goes the dynamite. via Facebook

A look at the storm from the front of the stadium is pretty ridiculous as well.

It is worth noting the Panthers, because of Jerry Richardson's staunch support for the league as a whole, have the NFL logo at midfield (instead of a Panthers logo). So maybe the Big Guy is trying to tell us something.

A more fun explanation: Greg Olsen is Thor.

Or Mother Nature is simply providing Carolina an opportunity for an incredible beginning to its 2016 highlight video and/or upcoming player introductions.

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