WATCH: Odell Beckham likens his sideline behavior to Tom Brady's on Instagram

It appears Odell Beckham has something to say, though he has found a way to address it non-verbally. 

In the wake of Tom Brady's sideline spat with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels Sunday in Buffalo, the Giants wide receiver wants to let everyone know that he and the New England quarterback are not so different. One would assume that's why Beckham uploaded a video on Instagram that effectively compares his own sideline behavior to Brady's.

Honestly, there are quite a lot of similarities. 


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Beckham was complimentary of Brady in his caption, writing "[goat emoji] chasing." Presumably, that's to suggest he's chasing the greatest of all time and taking some lessons from the way Brady carries himself emotionally on the sideline during games. 

However, considering the timing, there's a pretty decent chance Beckham could also be using this video as an attempt to point out the double standard that often exists in the sports world when it comes to this kind of demonstrative behavior.

When Beckham has an emotional outburst on the sidelines, he's often criticized by the media and fans for being immature and a volatile distraction. When Brady does it, it's often chalked up to extreme competitiveness and passion. 

Following Brady's latest blowup with McDaniels, it's possible Beckham was irked by the fact that the quarterback managed to escape being heavily criticized once again. Maybe this video was his way of voicing his take without directly coming out and saying it, instead letting people connect the dots and spark the discussion themselves.

If that's the case, it's a pretty savvy move. But, with that being said, it should be pointed out that Brady has a bit more room to get away with stuff like this considering he's arguably the best quarterback of all time and has five Super Bowl rings to his name. A résumé like that can go a long way in buying a little more slack on the leash.

Or maybe -- and this is a shot in the dark -- with the Giants organization in such disarray at the moment, perhaps Beckham is just planting the seed that he wouldn't mind playing with Brady in the near future. Just a thought?

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