NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can no longer avoid the Patriots.

Goodell, public enemy No. 1 in New England due to Deflategate, didn't attend the Patriots' drubbing of the Steelers on Sunday, choosing to watch the Falcons' blowout over the Packers instead. According to Jeff Howe of The Boston Herald, Goodell hasn't visited Gillette Stadium since Deflategate.

But with their win, the Patriots ensured that the commissioner will be forced to attend their next game in Houston (a.k.a., Super Bowl LI). The best part? If they end up beating the Falcons in two weeks, they'll be handed the Lombardi Trophy from him. It's a moment Patriots fans are looking forward to, evidenced by what they chanted Sunday.

Once the Patriots opened up a huge lead over the Steelers, the "Roger" chants began.

Eventually, that chant morphed into "Where is Roger?"

It was a popular question.

A sign someone brought to the game on Sunday. USATSI

They even put the question up on the Jumbotron.

He's in Atlanta. Or he's in an airplane.

Next question.