WATCH: Patriots' Rob Gronkowski makes nice move to score 69th career receiving TD

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is having himself a nice day.

Gronkowski, whose favorite number is 69, entered Sunday with 69 career touchdowns from scrimmage, but one of those touchdowns came as a runner, which means Gronk had a chance to score his 69th career receiving touchdown. He did that against the Saints, using the nicest of moves to reach what is may be his favorite career milestone.

Take a look:

Just how much does Gronk love the number 69? When he was recently asked how much he'd pay to be able to wear the No. 69 jersey in a game, he said he'd pay $69,000, because of course he did. 

Hopefully, reporters ask him about his 69th career touchdown reception so we can get another interview like this:

And this:

Luckily for Gronk, another milestone involving his favorite number is still on tap:

Gronk forever.

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