WATCH: Peyton Manning does a goofy jig to 'Rocky Top'

Peyton Manning has some moves. (
Peyton Manning has some moves. (

Peyton Manning: where Loosey meets Goosey.*

Only a few days after Peyton Manning tried to get reporters to name the color of his (foot)balls, Manning did a little jig when "Rocky Top" blasted away at Broncos practice at Monday.

If you've ever wondered just how goofy Manning might look if he ever tried to dance the fight song of the University of Tennessee, here's your answer: awfully freakin' goofy.

Take a gander, via 9 News.

Manning wasn't the only one getting down. Former Volunteers punter Britton Colquitt also took it upon himself to let loose (as did Wes Welker). Somehow, I think Colquitt is doing the University of Florida Gator Chomp while he dances.

Either way, things seem to be going OK at Broncos training camp Monday.

*Sorry, that's an old Rick Morrissey line from a 2002 Chicago Tribune story that has always stuck with me, and this is the first time I've ever written it for a story. So, thanks Rick, for the inspiration.

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